New Music Monday (Tuesday?) – Max Schneider

Hey everyone,

I know I have been absent lately. I have been boggled down with A Capella Club, college stuff, and homework. It all seems to be coming back down to a relaxed state. I decided that I will start doing New Music Mondays, except todays will be on Tuesday. I was busy yesterday! Every Monday I will introduce a new artist in the music industry or trying to break into the music industry. This week we will be meeting my current Youtube obsession, Max Schneider.

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With 315,000 followers, Max Schneider is really not that undiscovered. He has been featured in Nickelodeon’s show that was on for a stint called How To Rock. He was not a major character, but this was what was his big break into the industry. He was then featured in Rags. A reversed Cinderella story about a boy with a dream to be someone in the music industry with evil step-father and step-brothers!

Although Max doesn’t have evil siblings and step-parents, he is trying to make in the music industry. He is an independent artist. This summer he raised the money to make his first album which he is working on now. So where does he post all of his new music and covers? YouTube, DUH! He is always posting a new cover and working with other Youtubers. He is always working with Kurt Schneider (No, they are not brothers or related at all). Kurt composes the beats and films the video, while Max uses his amazing vocals to wow the crowd.

Max always seems to be in a great mood. He loves his fans (Schneider Monkeys). So everyone should check out this artist just trying to make it in the big industry by clicking here.

Also I am posting my two favorite covers by him and the music video by Max Schneider below. So check him out!

This is his very own single. I love that he is trying to become someone.

This is my absolute favorite cover by Max. In this he collaborated with Kurt and they killed this song (in a good way)!

This song shows what kind of attitude Max has. He is always a chill and fun guy!

So what do you think? Do you enjoy Max Schneider’s voice. Are you a Schneider Monkey, yet? Let me know below!

-Girl Pride


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